Skittle flavored condoms

skittle flavored condoms

Skittles, feel the rainbow! Everybody knew the Skittles, and everybody loves this chocolate dragee! Like a say slogan of the Skittles, feel the rainbow, now you can feel the rainbow in the time of sex! If you love skittles now you can buy skittle flavored condoms and even in time of sex, in the air will be fresh smell of skittles! And that’s not all! You also can buy other flavors, just choose which of them you like more and just buy it!

Make your sex life hotter and more interesting and sweet with flavored condoms! If you are woman and want make a surprise for you boyfriend, and you shy of giving him some flavored condoms, you need to do this right now, because your boyfriend will love you even more after you will offer him to use not usual condoms and condoms with flavors! Guys so love when his girlfriend bring something new in their sex games, so you need to buy some of flavors right now! Cost of them very cheap, so you can buy not only skittle flavor, you can buy any of the flavor and use it even today or tonight, how you love it more.