Mint flavored condoms

mint flavored condoms

It is a lot of people recently pass to condoms with various tastes! Maybe you too want to try them? There is a large quantity of kinds of condoms with various tastes, today we are glad to present to you mint flavored condoms! Menthol possesses very pleasant and freshening smell, now present as would be remarkable to have sex and catch in air a menthol smell! It is simply improbable! But you can test their effect right now, you only should get these condoms at very low price and to check up all! Surprise your partner with new aroma during sex!

Can be assured such variety it will be pleasant to everybody and will give the chance to you to test many new sensations! Also you can choose any another flavor what only will be pleasant to you. Mint flavored condoms combine the maximum safety and high elasticity. They are made of natural latex with greasing and checked up by electronics. Make a surprise for your partner and buy these amazing mint flavored condoms, it cost not too much money, but your partner will like it so much and will ask you to buy them again and again!