Beer flavored condoms

beer flavored condoms

Do you searching for some flavored condoms? Which flavor you like more? We have fruits, drinks and other flavors, just choose which you want! But now we want to offer you beer flavored condoms, newest flavor of condoms! Beer, beer, beer! You didn’t live on the Earth if you doesn’t know what is beer! Everybody loves beer and somebody drinks it everyday! Maybe its lil bit crazy, but we have beer flavored condoms! You can’t believe?

Look, these condoms have very real smell of beer and color of them is the same as beer! Want some extremely feelings in time of sex? Buy beer flavored condoms and you and your partner will never forget this amazing sex with smell of bear in the air! Its so funny and interesting! It’s the best simple way to make your sexual life more funny and interesting! Also, you don’t need to afraid of them, they made with modern technologies so just receive pleasure from sex with amazing beer flavored condoms and nothing else! Just have some fun with these beer flavored condoms, beer isn’t best flavor but a lot of people buying them so and you can try it! Make a drunk sex, with funny beer flavored condoms!