Apple flavored condoms

apple flavored condoms

Tired of usual condoms with usual disgusting smell? Searching for something originally and new? Want something new but couldn’t find it? What about flavored condoms? Have you heard something about them? No? You are kidding! Now everybody start using condoms with different flavors! Its bring so much positive emotions in time of sex! If you love fruits you can buy condoms with fruit flavors, like an apple! Apple flavor is one of the strongest and sweetest of the all flavors! Just imagine you and your partner in bed, when everything smells with apples!

Its so amazing and wonderful, your sex games will never be the same after using apple flavored condoms, you will always buying exactly this condoms and no one else! If you want also buy some other flavors, here you will find so much of them! We have everything that you ever dreaming about! Just think about anything that you want and it will be here, in flavors! You don’t need to spend too much money for them, you can buy them for a cheap price and try all of them! And after it finally choose which of flavors you like more! They also make much more excite than usually, your partner will fall in love with you!